Interesting Things You Never Knew About People Born In September

Why is September called that?
September comes from the Latin septem, which means seven. It was actually the seventh month of the old Roman calendar. That’s why it was called september lies. This calendar was attributed to Romulus, founder of Rome and brother of Remus. The Roman year, at the time, was only ten months long and began in March.


This month was dedicated to the god of war, because after winter, it was the time when one could quietly start again to conquer the lands of one’s neighbours.

Tell me your month of birth, I’ll tell you your job

Will your child be a mason, teacher, artist, footballer? A new study shows that the month of birth of a baby has an impact on his or her future profession.

The date of birth seems to have a significant influence on the job the person will do, according to British National Statistics Office’s study .

According to the Daily Mail,  researchers  reveal that the babies’birth month could have an impact on many other things, from intelligence to life expectancy.

The researchers analyzed the month of birth of people in 19 different types of occupations, referring to information from the last census, according to the Daily Mail.

For example, a child born in December would have a good chance of becoming a dentist and someone born in January would be a collection agent. Being born in February would increase the chances of becoming an artist, in March, those of becoming an airplane pilot.

If you were born in September, then you will most likely be a professional sportsman or physicist, but certainly not a bricklayer or hairdresser. two professions with the lowest probability for babies born during this month.

While it is difficult to explain these trends in occupations, the correlations between date of birth and health problems are scientifically based. Many studies show that these differences are related to the mother’s exposure to sunlight during pregnancy. The sun accelerates vitamin D production, and its lack in the early months of life can have long-term effects.

People born in September would be smarter and healthier than others
Didn’t you think that the date of birth could be a determining factor in terms of intelligence? You’re mistaken. According to a recent study, children born in September are more intelligent than others. those who are considering having a child in the near future may want to keep this in mind. A child conceived in December and born in September would be more likely to succeed in school.

Born in September, so smarter?

A study was recently published in the specialized magazine National Bureau of Economic Research. The University of Toronto, the University of Florida and the University of Northwestern worked together. They analyzed the academic performance and cognitive skills of more than 1.2 million young Americans, aged 6 to 15.

The students, all living in Florida, were classified according to their month of birth. The researchers realized that children born in September had higher scores. On average, they perform better than their classmates in school and are more likely to pursue higher education.

At the same time, scientists have noticed that August’s babies are the worst performers inschool.

Getting to school with good intellectual skills

The explanation provided by the researchers is simple. Children born in September are of the ideal age when they start school. Their cognitive abilities allow them to learn at a normal pace and perform well, unlike children who start school too young.

Being the oldest in the gang also gives them greater self-confidence and reduces the risk of becoming a juvenile  offender.

The original medium is taken into account at that time. Disadvantaged families would tend to want to speed up a child’s (free) entry into school, and the child could find himself in difficulty. While in more affluent environments, it would generally be preferable to give a child time to be intellectually ready.
Additionally, children born in September tend to be older than their classmates. And thus also the smarter ones, which can be a major factor to have a good academic success. Taking into consideration the school enrollment normally begins September 1st in many countries in the globe.

Being strong and athletic

According to a study published by Bristol University, babies born at that period of the year have a strong bones which makes them less exposed to the breaks especially in later their life.

In other hand it proved also a correlation between the fact of being born in September and the tall the baby will have in late days , Indeed the study find a difference of approximately 5 mm that is noticed ,small yet significant anyway.