The Eight Pillars Of Health

1: Have An Adequate Intake Of Water

Most people don’t drink enough water. Distilled or reverse osmosis water is acidic. I recommend alkaline water. It’s critical for the cells to function optimally.

2: Get Adequate Sleep

That means seven to eight hours a night. Here is how you can tell if you get adequate sleep. Do you awaken refreshed in the morning? If not, then you are not getting adequate sleep. It is critical for restoring your body’s function. At night is when our bodies repair most tissues and organs. Sleep is also critical for helping to restore your adrenal glands as well as keeping your body healthy, keeping your immune system strong, and helping prevent weight gain to obesity. The term beauty sleep is absolutely correct because sleep also helps optimize your growth hormone levels that keep you looking young.

3: Cope With Stress

Being able to handle the stresses of life is critical. This is such an important issue that I wrote an entire book on it (Stress Less). Stress is probably the greatest killer today. It invites every disease into the body. Learning to cope with, handle, avoid, and deal with stress is vital.

 4: Eat Living Foods Versus Dead Foods

Living foods bring life, but processed foods invite disease and eventually death into your body. Anti-inflammatory and ketogenic diet are so important, and that is all about living foods. We unknowingly invite most diseases into our bodies by choosing inflammatory foods, such as sugar, processed foods, excessive starches, inflammatory fats, and excessive carbohydrates and processed meats.

 5: Supplement

We usually do not get adequate nutrition from the foods we eat, so everyone requires certain supplements in order to help prevent disease. If our food doesn’t supply the nutrition we need, then the only way to get it is through supplementation. A good multivitamin is a good place to begin, but other supplements are most likely required.

6: Detoxify

On a regular basis we need to rid our bodies of toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis. It is important to detox the colon, liver, and key organs of elimination. Detox regularly with nutrients, certain detoxifying foods, alkaline water, and an infrared sauna.

7: Exercise

Regular exercise is extremely important in maintaining health. Exercises that strengthen muscles are vital, as are core exercises such as planks, aerobic exercise, and postural exercises.