Give Your Space A Nice Fresh Start By Clearing Some Clutter

An organized Home plays an important role in our lives, it provides a refuge where you can recharge your batteries, think, relax more deeply, and create a more meaningful relationship between yourself and the things around you.

But, not all the houses people feel happy to be in. By rearranging the art on the wall or the furniture you improve the quality of the space and your house transforms into a source of positive energy. It creates alongside with eating well and exercising a happy and balanced life.
Making a living space into a home is one of these techniques that bring good energy into our homes that a majority of people underestimate.
In this article, I ’ll help you giving your space a nice fresh start by clearing some clutter and getting rid of stale, stuck energy and how to make it feel cozy.

Clearing Clutter

In our daily life, we accumulate a unconsciently lot of stuff which we don’t really need without noticing it is becoming deep-rooted addiction. It has a negative impact not only on the environment but also on our daily lives, it weighing us down.

In fact, look at the things you have around your home. most of these things we store, (i.e., the things we don’t actually use on a regular basis), is useless excess.

Think of the stuff you have around you, your eye stop(s) at that pile of papers on the desk or the old exercise bike you never use. and this could not be in your side when You’re trying to relax and enjoy the space you’ve made for yourself.
You may say: Even I overlook these little messes in my mind. Yes, it is true! you can do that in your conscious mind, but the problem occurs when your unconscious mind soaks it up.

My Personal experience

As I grew up in a home relatively cluttered, I enjoy this moment when my mum helped me taking away stuff that covered my bedroom, It was, actually, fun. Because the atmosphere in my room is getting lighter.
Becoming an adult, I have always lived in apartments, and generally, the beautiful thing about small-space living is that it can force you to get rid of the things you don’t actually use or need more often.

when I encounter clutter, I feel overwhelmed, anxious and disorganized. and it is really hard to relax when you are at home and harder to be productive when you are at work.

It is not easy to sacrifice your belonging stuff but I assure you that decluttering will certainly make you feel a whole lot better!

Best strategies for decluttering

There is a method that the expert Marie Kondo explains in her book – which I urge you to read ” The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up ”. At the heart of Marie Kondo’s method is the question: Does this object/book/article of clothing/etc. spark joy? If it doesn’t, remove it. So only your most precious treasures remain.

Personally, I use a technique that worked well with me: you make three categories:


Pick a room and go through everything. If you haven’t used it or looked at it in six months, put it in the DONATE or TRASH category. If you’re putting it in the SAVE category, ask yourself if it really feels special or if you’re keeping it because you feel like you should.

I kept several objects as “memories” for years. I carried them with me from apartment to apartment like dead weight, thinking that maybe someday someone might be interested in seeing them. However, I concluded how wrong this idea was when my mum passed away a few years ago. she left behind two rooms completely overloaded with stuff. Yet it doesn’t matter as much as she thinks it does.

I sincerely hope that this article has provided you with a useful framework and practical tips that allow you to heal and make the very best of your space. It is such a worthwhile pursuit, and I wish you all the best as you embark on it.