7 Surprising Jogging Benefits To Never Miss!

Jogging is one of the oldest sports practiced by both professional sports persons and just anyone. As much as it requires no special training skills and tools or complicated countdowns, its benefits are insurmountable as far as other activities are concerned.


If you are a morning jogger, you have probably experienced the difference it presents to your day at work or class. You experience an elevated level of confidence, and good moods, which translates to high productivity for the day’s activities and efficiency. 

For the evening joggers, the advantages too are obviously pronounced in both the long and short term. There are many health benefits of jogging which makes it remain a popular activity for a long time.

Just like any aerobic activity, it needs guidance and professional advice, especially for individuals with cardiovascular or respiratory medical conditions that must do so under controlled conditions.

Before we get into each one of these benefits, here is a glimpse at them all: 

1. jogging Makes You Look Young

Research shows that regular exercise slows down the aging process at the cellular level. As cells age, it telomeres shorten and fray.

Telomeres are protective caps at the end of our DNA strands, which prevents its damage during cell division or because of inflammation. People who perform vigorous exercises like jogging have been shown to have long telomeres and less age related complications.

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