7 Surprising Jogging Benefits To Never Miss!

Jogging is one of the oldest sports practiced by both professional sports person and just anyone. In as much as it requires no special training skills and tools or complicated countdowns, its benefits are insurmountable as far as other activities are concerned.

If you are a morning jogger, you have probably experienced the difference it presents to your day at work or class. You experience an elevated level of confidence, and good moods, which translates to high productivity for the day’s activities and efficiency.

For the evening joggers, the advantages are too obviously pronounced in both the long and short-term. There are many health benefits of jogging which makes it remain a popular activity for a long time.

Just like any aerobic, activity, it needs guidance and professional advice, especially for individuals with cardiovascular or respiratory medical conditions that must do so under controlled conditions.

Before we get into each one of these benefits, here is a glimpse at them all:

1. Jogging Makes You Look Young

Research shows that regular exercise slows down the aging process at the cellular level. As cells ages, it telomeres shorten and fray. Telomeres are protective caps at the end of our DNA strands, which prevents its damaging during cell division or because of inflammation. People who perform vigorous exercises like jogging have been shown to have long telomeres and less age-related complications.

2. Jogging Cures Insomnia

Well, let us admit it – jogging can be a tough work! There is a difference between jogging on a treadmill, and jogging outdoors along the pavements and up and down a hill. With any of these forms of jogging, one must really get tired! If you are suffering from insomnia, the chances are that your body has lots of unused energy, which need to get used up. When you lie in your bed at night, sleepless, with no evident depression or evident psychological upset to blame, chances are – you are not exhausted enough to get a sleep. If you develop a natural tiredness, you can fall asleep naturally and without any sleeping pills or insomniatic medications. Try jogging.

3. Jogging Gives You A Natural Attractive Look

Jogging increases the blood flow through the body system. Sufficient blood flow through the skin increases the supply of vital nutrients to the skin cells. It also allows the liver to flush out the toxins from the skin cells. This can be viewed as the skin cleansing process from the inside. Jogging also has been shown to reduce stress which is commonly associated with acne and eczema. Apart from improving the skin tonnage, jogging also builds the body stamina and increases your muscle tone giving a general appealing look to your body.

4. Jogging Decreases The Risk Of Heart Disease

As it is widely thought, excessive exercise increases the risk of inflammation and oxidative damages to the cells, a little but sufficient exercise dosage like regular jogging lowers the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Jogging helps burn down the accumulated body fats which may end up clogging the blood arteries which increases the risk of heart disease.

5. Jogging Decreases The Risk Of Osteoporosis

Doctors recommend weight-bearing exercises as jogging for optimal bone fitness. Osteoporosis is a bone condition commonly associated with aging which results in spongy weak bones. This may have adverse side effects apart from the direct manifestations of regular bone fractures, bending backbones, and a hip collapse. A patient with hip fracture may develop pneumonia because of prolonged bed rest. Regular exercise has been listed as an effective treatment and prevention for osteoporosis alongside dietary and medical supplements.

6. Jogging Improves Lung Capacity

While jogging, the breathing process changes to a faster rate to accommodate for more oxygen demand for oxygen. This, in turn, strengthens the lung muscles. It also improves the efficiency of the respiratory tissues’ in the removal of carbon dioxide and oxygen intake. Although breathing problems may be triggered in asthmatic people by jogging, an improved lung performance may be achieved if jogging is done in a controlled state.

7. Jogging Helps In Weight Loss

Jogging helps your body burn down calories. To lose a pound of fat, your body must reach a 3,500-calorie deficit. This result from its burning down during the metabolic process associated with the rigorous aerobic activity.

To achieve this much calorie deficit, the calorie intake must also be regulated. When the calories you burn down exceed the calories you take into your body, you can achieve the desired weight loss.

For example, to reach a 3500-calorie deficit if you weigh about 150 pounds, you need to run at an average of 5 mph for 13 workouts of 30 minutes each.


Morning and evening jogging are considered effective, as you do not have to toil under the scorching sun and extreme heat. It is advisable to carry enough water in case you are planning for a long jog.