My Story

Hello, my name is Helena, a simple mom of 3, who, before having these wonderful children, had a normal life. I ate takeout and pizza 7 times a week, and had terrible sleeping habits. Being young does that to you, it gives you this false sense of immortality, that nothing will affect you ever.

But you see, that’s not the case.

Our bodies aren’t built to sustain the damage our culture has taught us, the culture of malls and big sizes, after all, obesity is slowly becoming an epidemic, and along with it heart diseases and diabetes.

All this crossed my mind, as I noticed how sluggish I became throughout the years; energy dropping, always tired and sleepy, it became so prominent that it affected my studies and relationships.

It was also around that time, that I met Dan, the man who would later on become my partner in life. I started thinking seriously about my life with him, how it would look, what it would be like, and what our kids would look like.

And then, it hit me.

My kids, what will they learn from a lazy mom like me?

Kids are the perfect representation of parents, they copy what you do, and assume it’s the right thing, because, in their eyes, you’re perfect.​

That’s when I decided to make changes. And I did. I stopped eating junk, I started exercising regularly, I would sleep when I was supposed to only, I also incorporated some decluttering into my life. And it was the best decision I ever made.

I wasn’t too severe with my children, I simply convinced them, the way I will be convincing you through this blog, that it was the right way to live.

Why Okay Mother?

I am simply a woman who decided to make her life better, and she did. I am also a woman who noticed that women in her community, and online, suffer from so many of the symptoms she suffered from for a long time, so she decided to start this blog to help mothers all over the world, lead a more organized, and productive life.

Helena houston

So welcome to my blog, and get comfortable, because we have so much to talk about. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, to receive the latest articles and blog posts, and follow us on social media Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. you can also email me at: Helena{dot}houston{at}okaymother{dot}com,  so stay updated with our blog!