5 Low Carb Fruit Choices for Keto Dieters

Are there any Keto-friendly fruits? As a weight loss and dieting strategy, the use of fruit is increasingly seen as beneficial. Keto means “ketones”, and these are the sugar and carbohydrate remnants left when food is digested. Some people prefer to consume fruit, while others think that they’re healthier alternatives. There have been many studies, though, that show this kind of fruit can be just as or more effective at helping you shed pounds than more traditional carbohydrates.


One of the more common forms of Keto-friendly fruits are raspberries. They may not be your classic strawberry, but their high antioxidant levels make them great for cutting down on your waistline. If you don’t like the taste of raspberries, consider trying blueberry, cranberry, or cherry. You’ll get all of the antioxidants, as well as some of the same benefits.

Another group of excellent Keto-friendly fruits to include in your diet are strawberries. The rich dark color of strawberries makes them seem almost edible, but they are actually packed with natural antioxidants, fiber, and nutrients. Eating them regularly can help you lower your risk for heart disease and stroke. This is because they have high fiber levels and a low glycemic index, which means you will not spike your blood sugar too quickly. But they’re still good for you, because they are low in carbohydrates.

And speaking of carbohydrates, there are several good forms of carbs that are extremely friendly for your body as well. One of the best is peaches. Peaches are one of the highest sources of natural antioxidants, which can help you lower your risk for cancer and heart disease. In addition, peaches are a source of complex carbohydrates, meaning they will slow the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose, which can help reduce your insulin spikes and maintain your blood sugar levels even as you are on a keto diet.

And speaking of antioxidants, there are also a few excellent choices for a fruit that offer just as much of a high level of health benefits as antioxidants. Avocados have been used for decades to treat various issues, including heart health. Avocados are also incredibly low in both carbs and fat, making them a great addition to a keto diet. Some people say that avocados contain too much sugar to be considered an actual fruit, but the sugars are only really felt after eating the fruit. If you’re not fond of the pungent smell of avocado, you might want to skip it altogether. There are better options out there.

One of the best known forms of a keto-friendly fruit is raspberries. Raspberries are delicious and serve several purposes, including being a great source of antioxidants. But unlike avocados, raspberries do not have to be a pure fruit for you to reap the health benefits. Because of their high sugar content, raspberries can actually work as a form of weight loss.

Peaches are also another option when it comes to enjoying a good, flavorful dessert. Like raspberries, peaches are low in both carbs and fat, making them an excellent choice to snack on during the day. And like prunes, peaches don’t always need to be eaten fresh. They can be frozen or canned to take advantage of their low-calorie properties.

Even though there are many delicious forms of fruit that are rich in antioxidants, none are quite as delicious as raspberries or blackberries. If you don’t have either of these fruits on hand, feel free to substitute them for less expensive alternatives. They will still provide you with the nutritional benefits you’re looking for and may even help your diet go the extra mile.


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