8 Ways to Overcome Stay At Home Mom Boredom



When a stay-at-home mom first decides to get started on her own, she often makes the mistake of assuming that she will be able to battle boredom with the same level of enthusiasm that she used to bring her family alive. If that is your thought process, you are right in thinking so.

 But to the contrary, it can actually be quite difficult to battle boredom because being a stay-at-home mom can often lead people to feel disconnected from their personal world and from their social world.

This detachment can have a negative impact on how a stay-at-home mom might approach any problems, and on her chances for getting started on the road to success.

If you are a stay-at-home mom and are constantly feeling stressed out about the lack of time you have to spend with your children, it may be time to bust boredom. Here are some great ways:

#1. Find Some New Activity/Hobby

find some new activity to do with your kids. Although this sounds tempting, many women find that they simply can’t find anything worthwhile to do with their time, even when they do manage to squeeze in a few hours of housework or shopping with their children every week.

Finding something to do with your time can be a very good way to not only make sure you’re getting the most out of every single day you spend at home, but also to bring some fun back into the equation. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to accept being a mom with no career, errands, friends, or time for herself.

You can still have something new to do. In fact, you can be so active and fun that it will be difficult to stop yourself from checking the mail, taking the dog for a walk, or having dinner with the family. So the next time you feel yourself getting bored, instead of just going to bed, get up and do something fun.


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#2. Keep Your Mind and Spirit Strong

The most effective way to fight boredom is to engage in a daily ritual of reflection-a ritual that can help to keep your mind and spirit strong. 

A bullet journal, also called a notepad and a journal, is a wonderful tool to use as a tool for reflection. It forces a stay-at-home mom to take an honest inventory of all of her belongings, including notepads, greeting cards, newspapers, kitchen supplies, and more-all of which she must then commit to memory each and every day.

This gives you a sense of control over your life, and makes you feel like you are making a positive impact on your family, your home, and yourself.


#3. Stay Motivated and Seek out Inspiration

I don’t know if you feel the same, but I need to feel inspired at least weekly. 

To avoid falling into the darkness of being a stay at home mom, you must feel awakened and alive.These are just a few of the other ways you may find inspiration:

  • Talking to moms who are like-minded and having fun
  • Positive stories about parenting
  • Reflecting on your spiritual life 
  • Your future–long-term and short term goals, both personal and professional.
  • Think about the future of your children and how you can make a difference by being at home with them.

Do what inspires you. Stay-at-home mom boredom can be eliminated by being able to stay motivated.


#4. Have a Group of Friends

One of the easiest ways to stay busy and not feel so trapped is to make sure you have a group of friends who you can always pull over to watch a movie with or plan an afternoon of manicuring the nails or just general snacking. 

Having a circle of mom friends who can always pull over for a little bit of fun is a great way to not only keep the family members sane, but also to keep things interesting. 

You’ll also find that having these types of social groups will often lead to several times a week of staying in constant contact with your friends. As soon as you can bring them all into the room for a few minutes of a movie marathon or family discussion, you’ll find that your boredom tends to quickly dissipate.


#5. Knowing Things to Do Everyday

Structure comes naturally to toddlers and babies. It is easy to create a loose schedule around meals and naps.

You lose the cornerstone of your daily schedule if your child stops taking naps.

Unschoolers are not able to follow a strict structure for their homeschooling days. However, we do have a rhythm that helps us manage our weeks and days.

It is easier to get rid of the monotony by knowing what to expect during the day.

You can break up your day with simple but powerful activities like playtime, meal times, screen time, and errands.

Structure is important for kids, but it’s equally important to give them plenty of unstructured playtime.


 #6. Plan out Weekly and Monthly Activity Events

When you know exactly what you want to do with your time and when, planning things can be really simple. Take the time to write a list of all the things you’re going to do. Then, figure out how much time you actually have to do them. 

You don’t want to spend too much time on unimportant tasks, or vice versa, and the less time you have to do them, the more time you’ll have to focus on the most important things. Plan out weekly and monthly activity events according to your schedule. 

Doing this, you’ll find that you can actually plan things more efficiently and spend more time doing the things that are really important to you.


#7. Pamper Yourself in a Relaxing Environment 

One of the fun things to battle boredom with is to schedule a set date each week to go on a vacation together. Go for a day or two out to different places. Plan activities that revolve around each other’s love, such as family activities and sleepovers. If you’re raising your child with single parents, it may be even more important to focus on the love of a mother and father.

Something new to battle boredom with could be a trip to the spa. Pampering yourself in a relaxing, pampering environment is a great escape from everyday stress and pressures. 

The main thing to remember is to plan ahead. If you can find a vacation that works both for the mother and father, it’s even better.



Being a stay-at-home mom is both challenging and rewarding. It’s great to know that you can still be a key part of the family even if you have to work and take care of your children. So plan some fun activities to battle boredom that won’t make you feel guilty about missing time with the family. Just doing something different may be just what a tired mom needs to get her mind away from being a full-time mom.

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