Can Paleo Diet Help Diabetes?



Does the Paleo diet for diabetes make sense for you? As a person who has been searching for ways to maintain my good health, I’ve learned that many “traditional” diets simply aren’t what they seem. For instance, I’ve often heard diet promoters tell me that they’re doing something like going on a “fast”. Well, that’s not entirely true, is it? Let me explain.

When I was on a “fast”, I had almost immediate weight loss! It was the very first time I could remember eating anything without feeling hungry. But, the truth is, most diets aren’t like this. Sure, you can go on a “fast” for a couple of days, but then you crave foods the way you used to and weight starts to come back.

The Paleo diet, though, is different. You see, it makes more sense for diabetics to follow this type of diet. Diabetics need to eat much more carbohydrates than most people, if at all. When you go on a “fast”, you only consume carbohydrates, which your body will break down and use as energy. But, when you eat Paleo foods, this is completely different.

For one thing, your body will burn all of the carbohydrates in your meals. You’ll be consuming very little, if any, fat. Even meat will be used very sparingly. Why? Because the Paleo diet promotes much better health, including strong immunity and much higher energy levels.

Another reason why it works so well for diabetics is simple logic. When you eat Paleo foods, your body digests all of them immediately. This ensures that blood sugar levels stay at an even, consistent level. That makes you feel fuller longer. It also means that the sugar levels in your blood stay much more stable.

So, why does the paleo diet work so well for diabetics? There are a few reasons: paleo diets are generally very good for you, especially when combined with other lifestyle changes. It’s a “fat burning” diet, at least in the sense that it encourages a healthier relationship with food. It’s also highly effective at increasing the overall quality of life. The discipline required to follow this type of diet can also lead to significant weight loss.

The one downside is that this type of diet can be very boring and restrictive. Many Paleo recipes contain almost nothing else but meat, fruit and vegetables. It can be difficult to incorporate more vegetables and fruits into your everyday eating plan.

Fortunately, there are many tasty and delicious Paleo recipes available. You can also turn regular meals into healthy snacks. This way, you’ll be able to keep the diabetes medications in check while still enjoying tasty and fresh foods.

The second question that often arises is “Is Paleo Diet Good for Diabetics?” Again, the answer is yes. While it does focus on minimizing sugar intake, it doesn’t advocate total avoidance. Instead, it provides plenty of suggestions and examples for how to best make use of the many nutrients and calories found in real foods. You’ll find that the majority of ingredients in Paleo meals are easy to come by, whether you shop at a grocery store, farmer’s market or health food store.

By eliminating processed, fatty foods from your diet, you’ll find it easier to control your blood sugar. There are plenty of delicious and satisfying options for carbohydrates, which you’ll be able to eat in moderation. In fact, you may even be surprised to learn that some of your favorite recipes actually won’t hurt your chances of keeping your diabetes in check. For instance, you can enjoy root vegetables, sweet potatoes, yams, pumpkin seeds, dried beans and other wholesome grains when you’re on the Paleo diet.

While it is not an ideal diet, it does provide a way to eat foods that you’ve probably never tasted before without having to break out the recipe book or cook from scratch. This can be very exciting as it will allow you to experience new foods and flavors. And since you aren’t stuffing yourself with unhealthy, preservative-filled products, you’ll likely feel better about consuming foods that you might not normally. In addition, you won’t be ingesting grains and legumes that may contain artificial chemicals and additives. In many ways, you’ll be able to live healthier simply by cutting out processed foods.

Is Paleo diet a good option for diabetics? Of course it is! By eliminating processed foods, cutting back on sweets, increasing your protein intake and eating less carbohydrate, you can actually help reverse diabetes. Isn’t this just what every diabetic patient needs?

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