How to Avoid Calories in Your Keto Burger King Eating Plan

A healthy alternative to regular fast food, Keto Burger King offers food lovers a taste of the Asian cuisine without the meat. While most fast foods are typically high in fats, there are still some great alternatives available on the market today. Instead of a traditional burger, why not opt for a half-pounder with a nice sauce? Or replace traditional buns with fruit like strawberries or blueberries? Whatever you decide, here are a few ways to enjoy your food while keeping within the diet’s guidelines:



o No bun. Most traditional burgers are made with a bun. While this is a staple in American fast food culture, it is actually harmful to your health. Since keto meals often substitute meat for sugar, it’s important to avoid adding unnecessary breading and butter to your food. Many popular low-carb toppings such as ketchup, cheese, honey mustard and garlic breading can be too high in fat to make up for the lack of breading.

o No butter. While traditional bun breading can be very high in calories, the less fat and higher fiber alternative made from soy bean spread can be a healthier alternative. You’ll get a healthier treat with less fat than a traditional burger bun while still enjoying the tasty flavor of the food. With the high amount of carbs on average in a burger, this is definitely a win-win.

o No butter. If you’re going to have a bun, don’t add a lot of butter. Burger King’s low-fat alternative can be as delicious as the original, but with less calories and fewer trans fats. While this one change will only slightly decrease your calorie count, the resulting reduction in fat may make a big difference in the final nutrition content of your meal.

o No side salad. A side salad can easily come off as an indulgence. On a Keto Burger King diet plan, you don’t need one. The side salad can actually be a bad idea if you’re trying to lose weight. Most fast food restaurants have a zero calorie side salad offered to their customers. This is unfortunate because this option can quickly add up if you eat several servings.

o No bread. It’s true that you do get to choose what you put between your burgers. You do, however, get to avoid breading your burger. For the low carb fast food to meal plan, this isn’t a big deal, but for people who want to enjoy the taste of bread, it’s not going to cut it. Stick with a grilled chicken sandwich for your meat choice. Not only will you be getting a healthier alternative to ground beef, but it’s also just as delicious as your favorite restaurant meat.

o No bun, plain with no bun (BBQ Bun). Even if you know you’re in for an authentic-type burger, you might opt for the “BBQ Bun” (also known as the” Hamburgers With Bacon” or “Bun Hamburger” to some). For those who have no desire to eat the bun, but still want to enjoy the taste of bacon, this option is for you. Just like the classic bun, you will only be eating less calories while enjoying your meals. With less fat, too, and almost twice the protein (versus the original burger bun, which are made with just butter and no sugar), you’re better off with this option.

o No carb topping. Burger King offers you the option of a no-carb, or low-fat (in some cases) topping for your burger. The result is a healthier alternative to butter and mayonnaise that can help you keep off those unnecessary calories, especially if you’re an athlete or at risk for diabetes.


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