36 Things a Husband Should Never Do To His Wife

Sometimes husbands need encouragement as they strive to be the men God created them to be. Sometimes we need help and sometimes we need information. Sometimes we need a mentor – someone who will teach us how to love our wives and be godly men.


Sometimes we need to recognize when we need to stop. Sometimes it is even necessary for someone to remind us to stop acting like a jerk!

That’s the point of this list with 36 things a husband should never do:

#1 — You don’t have to win the battle. Begin to get to know your wife. Have fun, just like before the wedding.

#2 —Do not treat your wife as if her job is less hard or more important than hers.

#3 —Stop coming home after work and curling up in front of your television, leaving your wife in charge of everything else in the house.

#4 —Stop working so much. Work and family should be balanced. Your wife would rather live with you than have a big house or nice car.

#5 —You must stop allowing your husband to take the spiritual leadership for the family.

#6 —Don’t be passive when disciplining or training your kids.

#7 —Do not pretend to be listening when you are actually watching TV.

#8 —When your wife says something that you think you understand, don’t assume you are able to comprehend it.

#9 —Do not be closed-minded. Talk to your wife. Show emotion.

#10 —Do not allow your position as a leader to become an excuse for selfish behavior. Keep in mind that a true leader serves.

#11 —You shouldn’t be a disgraceful spouse by criticizing your wife in front or in public.

#12 —If your wife is annoyed, don’t immediately respond. Instead, count to 10 and remember she is a gift given by God.

#13 —Do not use your size, strength, anger or intimidation to intimidate the wife and children.

#14 —Stop using “divorce” in your vocabulary.

#15 —You should never talk insensitively or casually about sex and your wife with other men.

#16 —You can’t say you’ll do it, but then procrastinate.

#17 —Talk to your wife about any major purchase.

#18 —Do not let your eyes be drawn to the pretty women walking by. The first look is the easiest to control. But it’s the second, longer look that’s important that you avoid. (And if you have a wife, don’t tell her you didn’t notice that woman. Be honest.

#19 —Stop thinking that my wife knows more than I do. Each spouse will be more knowledgeable than the other in certain areas.

#20 —Ask your wife what her feelings are and why.

#21 —Do not immediately solve the problem if your wife confides in you. Sometimes she just needs you to listen.

#22 —Stop using sarcasm. Although you may try to be funny, you are only reducing your wife’s self-esteem.

#23 —Stop treating your wife like a child. You must remember that God has blessed your wife with the experience and knowledge that she needs.

#24 —You should stop pointing out her faults and asking for explanations. These actions can make her feel like a failure.

#25 —Your wife shouldn’t be afraid to share difficult topics with you.

#26 —Stop telling your wife she is supposed to “submit to” you. If she’s not following you it is a sign that you’re not leading as Christ loved the church.

#27 —Stop getting your sexual needs fed from anyone other than your wife.

#28 —You should stop acting as if a gallon is enough to make St. Stephen a martyr.

#29 —Stop deceiving your wife about your finances.

#30 —You shouldn’t be able to find old girlfriends on Facebook.

#31 —Do not place a limit on the amount of sexual intimacy you should experience.

#32 —Do not act like you have a GPS in your brain. Before you travel with your wife, make sure to find the right address so that you can get directions. If you’re lost, don’t hesitate to ask for directions from your smartphone or even a person.

#33 —Do not allow men-only activities such as playing basketball, golf, or other sports. This will rob your spouse and children of their leisure time.

#34 —Don’t expect your wife or husband to do all the housework.

#35 —Don’t just put everything in the laundry hamper and pretend you “did the laundry.”

#36 —Talking about deep-level matters with someone other than your wife or a relative is not a good idea.


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