How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight?

Losing weight is but a desire among many that you and I always struggle to achieve. But there seems to be always that one thing that can either help you or break you when it comes to achieving dreams, weight loss especially. 


You surely know what I’m talking about. 


That’s the magic word. If you got it, you got everything. Knowing how to motivate yourself to lose weight even if you don’t feel like moving a foot is the highway ticket towards success, not only in losing weight but in all areas of your life. 

Our main concern today has to do with losing weight.

Here is the deal, we all get motivated when things are smooth. But to keep yourself motivated and do the things you are supposed to do even if you don’t feel like doing them, that’s where the trick lies. Very few know that. 

Today, you will learn the 7 steps I personally used to rekindle fire in my belly to exercise and lose weight. 

1. Accept That You Are Overweight  And That’s Alright. 

That may sound a little confusing and contradictory. Why on earth would I accept something that threatens my life?!


I don’t know whether you believe in that or not, but let me say it anyway. What you resist in yourself, what you don’t like in yourself, will be always there, unless you accept it.

But guess what? Once you reach that point of accepting yourself and it doesn’t matter for you whether you are overweight or fit, only then your body is ready to change. Just accept that you are overweight and that you love yourself the way you are. That’s the very first step. 

2. Learn To Use Pain And Pleasure The Right Way.

Motivation has two main sources. It can come from either pain or pleasure. Tapping into both of these is all you need to master to instantly rekindle fire in your belly to get to work. And that’s not easy. But fortunately doable. 

What worked for me personally is triggering those pain and pleasure centers through writing. Start with pain. What would happen if you don’t lose weight? How would your loved ones look at you? Will you be able to enjoy your life as you get older? What would happen to your health? Just focus on unveiling as much pain as you can. Link that pain to not exercising and eating right. 

Then, move to the next step. Trigger the pleasure centers by jotting down all that good you get exercising and eating right. All these benefits. All those beautiful, juicy emotions. Write them down and try to link pleasure to working out and eating right.  

Now you are ready to get to the next level. 

3. Fake It Till You Make It. 

You might have already heard of that if you are into self help, neurology and stuff. Your mind doesn’t differentiate between that which is real and what’s mere imagination.

Meaning that whether you are actually living something or simply think about it and imagine it, for your mind, these are just the same.  Haven’t you noticed before how your mind reacts to some negative and painful memory from the past? And how it reacts differently to a memory in the future that’s yet to happen?! 

Just so wow! That’s your mind. You need to master how to make it work for you. To do that, just every moment of your everyday, try to simply think about what you want. In your case, a vibrant, fit, sexy and light body, full of energy.

Hold that image in your mind throughout the day and just keep. This will give you fire and motivation to make it real and your mind will surely help you do that. 

4. Baby Steps Always Win  

At first, you may get super motivated. You promise yourself that you will eat right, exercise 7 days a week, do this and that, but all of a sudden you lose the drive! You know why? Simply because you were so hard on yourself.

What you need to do is simply fall in love with the process and just forget about getting to the end goal. 

Instead of going for a run in your first day, try to just go out in the morning with the intention of enjoying the morning breeze. And instead of eating all day long healthy food, try to mix things up.

If you eat two healthy meals, reward yourself with 1 or 2 junk meals. This way, your body will not feel like deprived. As you get to that, move on to the next steps!.. Etc. Just don’t take things at the speed of light when you are first starting out. 

5. Plan Your Meals Ahead Of Time 

That’s another simple, yet effective trick you need to master. Once you are used to eating those two healthy meals a day, try to cut out on junk food. Prepare healthy meals in advance.

This will make it simple for you to simply reach out to the freezer, heat up and eat. You won’t have the temptation to eat unhealthy. 

6. Surround Yourself With The Right People 

You are nothing but the result of the average 5 people you spend most of your time with. When motivation gurus say such words, it is not just a cliche.That’s real truth.

Your environment can either help you grow or break you into pieces. If all day long you hang out with overweight, sick, frustrated and unsuccessful people, guess what.

You will be like them, a complete copy of them. And the very opposite thing happens when you surround yourself with fit, healthy and successful people. These re people will help you grow with them. These are people who motivate you. These are the people you need to surround yourself with. 


To wrap it up, motivating yourself to lose weight is not an easy job. But really worth it. Following the steps above though will definitely fire up every single cell of your body to workout and eat right. Stick to them and you will notice your size going down week in and week out. 

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