Kids Fighting Over Toys – Is This Healthy Behavior?

Kids Fighting Over Toys – Is This Healthy Behavior?



Children have a lot of drama and play time, yet it seems that fighting over toys is one of the top causes for divorce. In my opinion this just reflects a lack of communication and a need to express oneself in different ways.

I know that we all want to be fair and loving with our children. There is no doubt that our kids are amazing angels, but they can get so exasperating at times. Let’s look at some reasons why fights over toys are on the rise.

There are many reasons for wanting to compete with your siblings, but in essence, it means that you’re trying to get along with them in order to have fun.

Another child may have a toy that your kid absolutely adores, but your other child doesn’t like, and he or she will constantly try to get their hands on it. This doesn’t make for a good activity for either one of you. So, when it comes to toys and children, remember that if you are having problems, the solution is usually a good one.

Another major cause of kids fighting over toys is that both kids are trying to learn new skills. It’s interesting how often we see new toys or games introduced to a family. However, very seldom does any of the skill training happen. If this is the case, take a step back and let your kids play together in a separate room.

When you introduce new toys into the household, it’s very easy to start arguing about whether or not it’s too aggressive. Does it have a strong enough “voice?” Another issue that often arises when playing with new toys is not knowing where the toy is going to go.

Remember that skills like hunting for hidden objects and finding out where the neighbor’s dog sleep’s at night requires a bit of coordination, not necessarily fighting. Instead of talking about this as a battle, find areas where your kids can have fun.

As children develop their skills like writing and reading, they’ll also need to learn the difference between the good toy and the not so good toy. Remember that just because a toy looks like it is educational, doesn’t mean it is. The same goes for learning how to play a musical instrument versus simply watching TV. If you want your kids to have fun, then you should be able to agree on common ground. Otherwise, kids fighting over toys is an expected part of growing up.

Another tip for dealing with the issue of kids fighting over toys is to teach them to share. You can easily do this by setting aside a time when you and your child can play or do homework. During this time you can discuss with your child the value of sharing and encourage them to tell you when they’ve gotten into a fight or if they’ve hurt themselves. You may even find that sharing with siblings is beneficial. Not only does it lessen sibling rivalry, but it also teaches children patience and respect.

There are some instances where fighting over toys is not justifiable. For example, if you child has asthma and cannot use big toy vehicles and trucks, then don’t subject them to them.

Some kids have a hard time accepting limitations like these. For example, if your child has asthma and cannot use the back of the bus and the front of the house, then you should allow them to play on the street.

In conclusion, kids fighting over toys can be a very frustrating situation. Parents have a lot of things to worry about when it comes to their kids. However, if we accept the fact that kids will sometimes have fights, we can focus on finding ways to stop it from happening more often.

It is also important to remind our kids that sharing is better than arguing over the things that they like. We should also remind them that they need to set limits with siblings and friends. Finally, it’s important to teach them patience and humility.


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