What is the “Biggest Problem” With Kids Today?

Many parents find it hard to figure out what the real problem is with kids today. This is because children have become very materialistic without even realizing it. Many of us have become a little obsessed with the toys that our kids play with and have even bought or given away those items as decorations for our houses. Parents nowadays don’t have time for that. With the busy schedules of most working parents, they don’t even have time to take care of their kids.


whats wrong with kids today

Parents are constantly stressed out too. They have to work long hours and squeeze every penny they earn into their families. They can’t even afford a day off for their kids anymore. And because they work so hard, most of them end up neglecting their own family members even more. Lack of sleep, and poor eating habits, are some of the problems that plague most parents these days.

There are many causes behind all this. One of the major reasons is that there is a big change in the family structure. Most couples today, don’t have parents and a child. This is not ideal at all. Even though divorces are on the rise today; the number of divorced parents is actually increasing.

We live in an automated world now. With all the electronic gadgets and gizmos that we have, there are many temptations for kids to get involved. TV programs, computer games, and video games are highly addictive; and many kids today find it difficult to resist these things. Parents are helpless when these things become a serious addiction.

Many kids today prefer to play video games instead of playing outdoors. Even walking around the corner to the school bus stop can be a hassle to them. And many parents find it difficult to discipline such kids. They also find it difficult to monitor their behavior.

Another reason is the lack of structure. Kids lack the ability to have goals and work towards them. The lack of structure often leads to chaos. When kids lack structure, they get into trouble easily. Many of them even end up in juvenile hall or reform school.

In today’s world, most kids today are lacking physical education. Physical education is important in any society. But in today’s society where the media constantly promotes smoking, drinking, and drugs; physical education is often neglected. This is even more true in the schools which is mostly controlled by the Christian Right.

Lastly, many kids today are overweight. This is due to the fast food habits that are so prevalent in this generation. Fast foods are very high in fat, sugar, and chemicals. These things are very harmful to our youth. This is the main reason why obesity has become a national epidemic.

Overall, our kids are being exposed to too much TV and other forms of entertainment. They spend so much time glued to the television that they are not doing anything productive for their lives other than staring at the TV. Many parents feel that their kids do not have enough social interaction and are becoming anti-social because of the TV. Many times this is true, but it does not mean that the TV has to be the main source of entertainment for your child.

Another major contributor to the” what’s wrong with kids today” problem is the amount of violence that is on TV today. Many families feel that it has gotten to the point where they can no longer handle the violence on TV. Many of the kids that have been targeted have committed suicide. This is an awful thing to think about, especially if you love your kid. It really should make you sit up and re-evaluate your life.

Some other bad behavior that is on TV includes the inappropriate touching of children, inappropriate sexual behavior, violence against girls and boys, and violence against women. There are so many things that are on TV and that you can’t even begin to list them all. It has gotten to the point where you almost feel helpless when it comes to bad behavior in your home. It’s like watching a horror movie, only a lot more horrifying.

You must keep in mind that it is ultimately your responsibility to teach your kids right from wrong. If you don’t teach them right, then they will pick up these bad behaviors themselves. Also remember that the best way to combat bad behavior in the home is to avoid TV all together. Instead, spend as much time as possible with your kids. The more time you spend together the better chance you have of keeping your kids away from bad behavior.

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