Understanding How Being Molested As a Child Effects Adult Lives

Many adults suffer from the effects of how being molested as a child effects adulthood. Some never recover from their abuse, while others live with the pain and scars for the rest of their lives. While there are many different causes for adult sexual abuse, it can often be traced back to a vulnerable mind which has been scarred by the trauma of abuse. A healthy mind cannot withstand trauma and cannot function without forgetting certain experiences.


How can being molested as a child effects adulthood?

The adult psyche is still in turmoil as a child is healing from their abuse. This child has grown into an adult and the effects of how being molested as a child effects their ability to cope and mature into responsible adulthood come into play. This is not to say that an adult who were molested as a child cannot become an all around healthy adult, but the scars of abuse can make it difficult for them to do so. Some people do not heal from childhood wounds as easily as others, and so they end up suffering from psychological issues as a result.

It is important to understand how being molested as a child effects one’s adult sexual desires. When young adult experiences being abused as a child, their sexual desires are suppressed for a time. They are forced to “deal” with the pain and the wounds of their experiences, and so their adult sexual desires are put on hold for some time. Because of this, when the adult seeks sexual pleasure, they may have trouble finding the right kind of pleasure from their partner.

If they do find a partner, the adult is not in a place to express their sexuality because they are still suppressed with shame and fear. For many, their lives are in shambles because of their adult victimization. Many adults may feel repressed and not know how to live an adult life. Some may even feel as though their entire life has been a lie. Not understanding how your life has changed will only make you feel more uncomfortable with your sexuality as an adult.

How being molested as a child effects your adult life is also tied to how you feel about yourself

People who have never been victimized are afraid of the traumatic experience, and they end up feeling ugly, damaged and unworthy. This does not help them develop emotionally or grow in other areas either. The adult becomes fixated on the pain they had as a child, and they develop an attachment to someone or something that will relieve that pain. They get caught up in their feelings of worthlessness and their self-pity leads them to unhealthy relationships.

A healthy adult develops emotionally from a loving relationship with a parent or guardian. If you do not feel worthy enough to seek help from a trusted adult you will most likely internalize your problems, and you will not be able to communicate your needs to another adult. It is not healthy to feel bad about yourself, especially if the problem is as a result of being molested as a child. You need to learn how being molested affects your adult life from an adult victim’s perspective.

An adult who has been molested can often deal with how being molested changes their life in many positive ways. They can begin to identify with other survivors and discover that they have an emotional outlet. They can also begin to work through their guilt issues by understanding why they did not report the crime. In some cases, they will find that they were unsure about the impact their actions had on their victims as children, and so they end up being completely honest. They can take valuable steps toward making sure that others do not suffer through the pain of being abused as a child.

Finally, you can draw strength from how being molested as a child effects adult victims’ understanding of their experiences. They can begin to understand how their childhood was a normal part of growing up and that they were just like any other child, enjoying school, sports, and relationships with friends. They can learn to appreciate their time and do the things they enjoyed as a child with a clear mind and without feeling guilty about it. The effects of being molested as an adult can be incredibly beneficial in the journey toward healing and peace.

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