The Positive Effects Of Being Spanked As A Child

The benefits of spanking as a child reaped by the child may come as a surprise

The positive effects of being spanked as a child are usually overshadowed by the negative aspects, but there is no doubt that spanking is detrimental to a child’s development. It can prevent a child from learning and growing properly. It can teach a child to be aggressive rather than submissive. Spanking your child can cause problems in all areas of their lives.


If you or your child are thinking about spanking your child, there are some things you need to consider. Firstly, you should consider whether it is in fact effective at training your child. Spanking is often used as a form of punishment. Whilst it may be effective in the short term, there are far too many negative long-term effects of spanking to use it as a form of child rearing. Children learn better through non-violent methods. Therefore, if you are looking for the positive effects of being spanked as a child, focus on how it affects your child, rather than punishing them for something they have done wrong.

Children are not aware that they are being punished. Whilst you may spank them once, the child will eventually grow out of the method and realise what they are being penalised for. The only way that the child will understand what they are being penalised for is when they understand the consequences of what they have done. When a child is punished, they do not receive the consequences that they would receive if they had not been disciplined in this way.

There are many positive effects of being spanked as a child

Spanking has been scientifically proven to prevent children from hitting other people and from damaging belongings. The child learns that physical violence is unacceptable. They learn to trust their parents and to respect authority. Whilst children will be more likely to behave in a civil manner if they see no harm coming towards them, spanking their child will help mould their character into a more positive direction.

There are also the less positive effects of being spanked as a child

If a parent spanks their child, they will physically punish their child without any meaning behind it. Spanking a child will teach them to act in a violent manner. It will teach them that violence solves problems and that violence can get them what they want.

By hitting a child, you are essentially telling your child that the consequences of their actions don’t matter. They will not be hit or punished seriously so their behaviour won’t change. In effect, you are saying that violence is not taken seriously by society so why should they? There is also the fear factor, which spanking your child will instill. If you spank your child, they will be scared of you, of the situation and of the spanking itself.

However, the most important positive effects of being spanked as a child is that it helps shape your child into a better person. Spanking teaches your child to be a quiet and submissive child. This is very important as children with parents who spank them often lack self-discipline and they often pick on their siblings and tend to be argumentative. If your child is disciplined through spanking, they are going to be a much calmer person who respects authority.

So, there you have it. Now you know the positive effects of being spanked as a child. You will always need to remember that whilst spanking your child can have these benefits, it can also have many negative ones. The best way to raise a well-disciplined child is to teach them discipline at home through positive reinforcement. If you do this, then you will soon have a child who doesn’t have any unwanted aggressive behaviour.

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