Best Snacks for Breastfeeding Mothers

What are the best snacks for breastfeeding mothers? In many ways, the answer is not very simple. On one hand, there are lots of things that you can do to make breastfeeding easy and enjoyable-especially when you’re hungry! But on the other hand, nutrition is important, and there are certain foods that you should absolutely avoid as part of your strategy for enjoying a successful breastfeeding experience.


Let’s take a look at some of the best snacks for breastfeeding moms.

One of them is Greek yogurt. As someone who nursed my first child through the first trimester, I learned quickly that incorporating certain Greek foods into my day made all the difference. First of all, it was extremely easy to get enough calcium by choosing a yogurt that had as few as 20 calories and included a calcium buffer (sounds like something out of a Greek yogurt shop).

Second of all, it was so easy to incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables that I often added an apple or some other piece of fruit to my cereal, for breakfast. At lunchtime, the same things worked even better, since most foods have about one point five calories, so a serving of yogurt could provide me with about twenty-one.

Another excellent choice for a snack is cottage cheese. You’ve probably heard that cottage cheese is great for you, and that’s true. It’s filled with calcium, which makes it excellent for both breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding women. The best part about it is that there is no need to add any milk substitutes to it-you simply eat a large scoopful of it!

For instance, if you feel like eating a plain yogurt flavor, add in a spoonful of sour cream or sour jelly to give it a little more flavor. If you prefer a fruit flavor, add in a wedge of lemon for an even richer taste.

Now, a word to the wise: don’t use regular yogurt in your cooking. It is not thick enough and has too many lactose components for good absorption. Also, it has a lot of calories, which is never a good thing for breastfeeding mothers.

In fact, buying guide to nutrition for pregnant women recommend avoiding all milk-based snacks and opting instead for skim milk, yogurt, or a product that contains protein instead of sugar. Instead, opt for a calcium-rich snack such as dried figs, carrots, spinach, or a serving of fresh fruit.

Another alternative are granola bars. Unlike yogurt and cottage cheese, granola bars have lots of healthy ingredients that promote healthy digestion and absorption. As a result, they are much easier for breastfeeding mothers to digest and absorb, making them great for breastfeeding mothers.

Granola bars that use natural whey concentrate are especially beneficial, since the concentration helps increase the amount of lactose that is absorbed without increasing the amount of sugar in the product.

Fenugreek (also known as fennel) is a traditional herb that has long been used to treat some lactating problems in women. Many studies have shown that fenugreek can stimulate milk production. For this reason, use fenugreek in a supplement designed for lactating mothers.

Because fenugreek has lots of calcium and other nutrients, it may also be of benefit during pregnancy. It boosts milk production and helps prevent frequent breast feeding upsets because it helps slow the emptying of the stomach’s contents.

If you’re looking for a high-nutrient, low-calorie snack, consider almonds. Unlike other nuts, almonds contain a good amount of protein and are rich in healthy fats. The good fats in almonds help reduce the risk of developing gestational diabetes, another major concern of pregnant women.

One study reported that a diet that had a high intake of nuts was linked with a lower risk of diabetes. An additional study found that almonds increased the efficiency of glucose disposal in lactating mothers. And another study found that the combination of almonds with low-fat cottage cheese was very beneficial for breastfeeding mothers.

Finally, there are many delicious treats that should make good snacks for breastfeeding moms. When choosing a snack, remember that you’re looking for foods that will fill you up but won’t provide empty calories.

For example, an apple is a satisfying snack, but you should avoid any “healthier” varieties, such as those that are loaded with sugar or that are served in bags or containers that are coated with candy or other artificial sweeteners. Nuts are also a good choice if you’re looking for low-calorie, but still satisfying snacks. They come in a variety of colors, so you can easily find one that complements your baby’s gender and weight.


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