Signs of Child Molestation

Signs of a child being sexually abused are very easy to misinterpret and overlook

We do everything we can think of to figure out the situation and if it turns out to be nothing then we try and move on. But what we do not realize is that children are often the ones who suffer the most from the abuse. This is because children have a tendency to shut down when they experience pain or trauma. Here are some signs of a child being molested.



The first of the signs of a child being molested is usually the most obvious

When a parent suspects their child is being abused, they tend to act as if everything is normal. They become defensive and try and get their child to tell them everything that happened. Unfortunately, these signs of a child being molested often go unnoticed. If your child has any sign of being sexually abused, they need to be examined by a professional.

Signs of a child being molaped can also manifest themselves in behavioral patterns.

For example, if your child is showing signs of straining and is continually asking for attention this could be a sign of sexual abuse. When children are delicate and young, they tend to depend on their parents for their care and attention. If a child suddenly seems to have more attention than he or she usually does then that could be a sign of sexual abuse. Many children are sexually molested by people they know. If you have any doubts at all that your child might be molested talk to a trusted adult.

Other signs of a child being molested can show up in the form of behavioral changes

Your child will seem to be withdrawn or shy. Their personality will change and they will seem to have poor self confidence. They may also exhibit anger issues. Changes in sleep and/or rest patterns, poor appetite, and a decrease in play are also signs of molestation. If you find that your child exhibits any of these signs talk to a professional immediately.

The signs of a child being molested by someone they know are just the tip of the iceberg

Even when it is suspected a child is in fact being abused the signs of child molestation should not be ignored. If a parent thinks their child might have been sexually abused they should seek professional help as soon as possible. Don’t let embarrassment keep you from seeking help. These signs of a child being molested can very easily be a sign of another medical condition and should never be ignored. Seek help before it is too late.

There are many signs of a child being molested by someone they know and someone you are concerned about. If you suspect your child may have been sexually abused talk to a professional as soon as possible. Don’t let shame keep you from doing what is right for your child.

You will want to start with physical signs. Gross behavior in your child such as unexplained bumps or bruises, bloody clothing or blankets, and sudden weight loss are all signs of sexual abuse. Do not ignore them. If you do ignore them and downplay them remember what you say later. If you think your child has been sexually abused talk to a professional right away.

You should be aware that signs of child molestation are not always immediate. Sometimes victims do not talk about the abuse for a variety of reasons. You should not assume something just because it is your kid. It is always best to get concrete proof and speak up for your children. Speak out and don’t be afraid to call your local law enforcement agencies so they can help you get justice for your children.

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