6 Tips To Save Money Every Day



Retired or not, do you want to increase your earnings without necessarily starting a new job? To help you, follow our six smart tips for earning extra income.


Sell your stuff and clothes

Go to the flea market. Up to twice a year you can sell your personal belongings there at a price per square meter. Also don’t forget to place an ad on Ebay.com, it’s easy and free. There is no need to declare this income, except for precious metals and sales over 5000 dollars, except for furniture, home appliances or cars.

Helping the young and the less young

You can offer your services to help a sick person shop, keep him company for a few hours… You can also help your child with their homework after school so that they can earn extra income. What matters is not the diploma, but the quality of attention and patience. Check the classified ads at City Hall. Also think about babysitting: Most city halls organize nanny days for parents and candidates in September. Prices can vary, but are around 15 USD per hour.

Sell your creations

Are you artistically inclined? Sell your creations (jewelry, jewelry, knitwear…) by organizing meetings at home or with friends. You can register at craft or art markets in your region, which, unlike traditional markets, do not require a dealer card. This is a good idea for extra income. You can also sell your creations on etsy.com. There is no membership fee and the online placement costs 0.20 USD  per piece. The site pays 3.5% for each product sold.

Rent your house

Offer your entire apartment or house or just a room at airbnb.com, a secure private rental site. Registration is free. The site deals with payments and insurance issues and charges a 3% booking fee. You are paid 24 hours after entering the premises of your tenant. All you have to do is create an ad with detailed descriptions and photos. The more details you provide, the more attractive your ad will be and the more you will earn. (Please note that over 760 USD of income per year you must report this to the tax authorities).

Become a “mysterious” client.

To assess the quality of their services and performance, some companies prefer to hire “mysterious” clients. Restaurant, perfumery, bank, hotel… mystery shoppers can be asked to check different types of services. Missions are paid as a salary for an additional income of 10 to 25 USD . 

Store animals for extra income

To offer your services, place an advertisement in your shops, in your town hall or on Ebay.com. Use word for word. Pet owners are always looking for people who can be trusted to take care of their pets when they have to leave for a day or holiday. Rate: 10 to 15 USD (in addition to income) per day.

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