Coconut Water For Keto Dieters

Coconut water has been heralded as the “new fat burner”. I was curious to see if it could live up to that claim. After all, as a child I had always had my eyes on the frying pan when preparing fried foods. Let’s face it, fats don’t exactly shine in the kitchen.


Coconut water for ketosis can deliver the same amount of calories as other low calorie beverages while maintaining similar amounts of nutrition and providing the fiber necessary to keep you feeling full. While coconut water for ketosis does not have calories, it does contain high levels of ketones which are more commonly known as ketones. And as anyone with kidney problems knows, they can be extremely dangerous if taken in high quantities.

To see how coconut water keto friendly, I decided to try out a coconut water for ketosis drink from my local health food store. The pharmacist warned me not to drink the extract because it contained taurine, which is an ingredient found in rat poisons. I looked at the label again and saw that there were no alarming health risks. He was wrong, because taurine can cause kidney damage.

I decided to try adding some coconut flour to the soda to cut down on the “milkiness”. It worked well, although I did add more than usual so that I didn’t get too sugary. Not much, but enough to see that I was starting to notice a difference in my mid-afternoon snack. The next morning, not having made any significant progress in my weight loss, I realized that my problem was the lack of solid food.

Since carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for our body, eating too many carbs, especially processed carbohydrates, can create a toxic environment in our cells. This can lead to disease and illness, as well as excess weight gain, which cause the most problems in our society today. While the benefits of coconut water brands are undeniable, their ability to help you lose weight and feel better is debatable. Coconut water brands and diet pills have their place, but I think they are best separated to give you a better idea of the healthy alternatives.

The next day I ate more chicken (which I love), cooked a turkey (my favorite) and added some broccoli and cauliflower to my tuna casserole. The meat tasted great and the cauliflower added a nice texture to the dish. The veggies were delicious, but again, like with the coconut water brands, I was reaching the car limit for the day and needed to keep my calorie intake in mind. Lesson learned?

Next, I went to my favorite Italian restaurant and ditched the pasta for pasta made with mozzarella and shredded coconut meat. I didn’t add the unsweetened coconut products because I didn’t feel that it was necessary; mozzarella tends to be a tasty alternative to the regular mozzarella which I love. I also reduced the amount of calories I was eating and stuck with organic ingredients the rest of the time.

I’ve since been enjoying this type of drink every day, along with organic fruits and vegetables. I’m not complaining. Instead of reaching my daily net carb allowance that I know I should be aiming for, I’m only putting in less and getting away with it. I’m keeping my health in check while enjoying the occasional high-powered keto diet drink.

I’ve found that the unsweetened version of coconut milk has some nice ingredients in it like potassium and sodium. My potassium levels are always low during the summer, so using a product like this that has potassium in it is a real help. In addition, the unsweetened version of coconut milk is very refreshing, so drinking it all the time is important to keep me hydrated. Sodium is important to me because I don’t typically like high sodium foods. Plus, the amount of sodium in this product is really quite minimal, so I’m really enjoying this refreshing beverage.

Last week, I made an all natural coconut oil soup to go along with some steamed broccoli. I added some kale, peas, mushrooms, and cauliflower to the mix for some protein and crunch. The veggies and fish were a huge hit. The combination of the coconut oil soup and the vegetables really pushed my metabolism to go into overdrive for the entire day. When I got up in the morning, I still had more energy than I normally do and felt great! Keto dieters absolutely love this natural coconut oil boost!

I use coconut water for many other purposes as well, including making a great low carb diet shake. However, the coconut milk beverage really rejuvenated me and has provided me with lots of health benefits. I recommend this beverage to everyone who is on a keto diet or even just trying to lose some weight. It’s delicious, nutritious, and extremely effective when it comes to boosting your metabolism.


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