Why Kids Hate School and How to Fix It

Why Kids Hate School and How to Fix It

Does your child hate school? Most children hate school because they come into the world without learning anything. They only know to fear school. They know that school is cruel and unfair and that people who go to school are bad. But when a kid gets to school and when he learns something, he no longer feels scared about learning.


Even before you bring your child to school, try to understand why kids hate school so much. Is it not hard work and boring classes? Kids should be able to enjoy their learning. If homework is too tedious or they have to stay up all night for the academics, they should be able to find a way to relax in between lessons. So when you make homework is too difficult, parents should not spend money on getting them new books or new assignments because this is the only thing that will help.

Parents should focus on what is important in their kid’s life and that is quality time and fun activities. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with kids. Kids hate to school and will not even go to school if it means that they have to stay up all night for the academics. If you want your kid to enjoy his life, you have to make him love schooling, which is possible only if he likes school.

There are many reasons why kids hate school and the most common reason is that they do not like doing homework. This has been confirmed by a recent study conducted by a school psychologist. According to the study, homework made kids unhappy and they felt tired even after three hours of studying. The study further stated that the results of the study were caused by the expectations of how homework should be done by teachers and parents. Many parents want to see their children do well in school and get good grades. They assume that the only way for their kids to get good grades is to do as well as possible and this expectation proves to be false.

Teachers cannot really expect kids to love to work hard if they think that they are being forced to do so. This is probably one of the main reasons why kids hate school. Teachers usually treat them badly because they refuse to give up, even when they do not understand what they are teaching. Kids also tend to hate teachers because the teacher’s expectations are often far higher than what they actually expect. Most teachers in the United States and in other countries tend to demand a lot from students, which is not very healthy for the kids.

A teenager who has no interest in doing his homework is a dead ringer for a kid who loves to school. The teenager, who does his own homework is a dead ringer for a teenager who loves to party. And the teenager who cannot do his own homework is a dead ringer for a teenager who dislikes school. This is the reason why teachers in schools everywhere are under pressure to make sure that their students hate school and get good grades, just to make sure that they will stick around.

Parents who are raising a child who refuses to do homework or who does not appreciate teachers at all may face serious problems in the future. Children grow up and start to feel like they are worthless to their parents. If a parent has been raising a child who does not respect teachers, then that parent has to deal with the consequences of that attitude on his child. He can either send his child to a new school where he will be respected and appreciated, or he can try to convince his child to change his attitude so that he respects teachers enough to do his job well. Most parents do not want to make these types of changes in their kids, but there has to be a point where you realize that your child does not respect you anymore and you have to do something.

So if you feel like your kids hate going to school, then try to re-establish that relationship with them. Involve them in your homework process. Teach them that teachers are there to help and they need to do their job. After you have helped your kid get through homework and they have shown an interest in you and learning from you, then you can take it from there.


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