Oh, Crappies Potty Training Method – Accidents Are Reduced

Oh, Crappies Potty Training Method – Accidents Are Reduced

Are you tired of going through the same old thing when it comes to potty teaching your twins? There are lots of things that can be said about this subject but nothing works the same. I know from my own personal experience that twins just don’t have the patience to sit still long enough to learn a proper potty technique. You are in luck though because we are going to give you the most effective potty teaching method and tricks that work. Here they are! Just check out this article for more information!



OK, here comes the oh crap potty training method that we are all familiar with: sticks and glow sticks. These two tools are very important and will really help when it comes to training your toddler. Make sure you read this article for more information on using these tools correctly for best results.

First start date is the most important part of the whole potty chair process. This is where your toddler has to stand on the potty chair and wait for you to put the glow stick onto his/her bladder. If done correctly, your toddler should start to see a light pink color at the start date. Once the start date comes the timer on the stick should start to count down.

The second tip of the oh crap potty training method is to put two blocks on the side of the seat. On one block have three pink triangles and on the other block have three light blue squares. Now it’s time to start counting down with your toddler. Make sure he/she gets the hang of positioning themselves before the timer goes off on the second block.

Next thing you want to do is to place the potty chair in a location where it can easily be seen by your child everyday. You want this block 2 to be placed where you can easily see it everyday. You will know this because when the timer goes off for the second block, it should be right above or in front of your child’s head/mouth. When you see this, then you know your child is ready for their second bathroom visit. Repeat the process every day until you child is ready to go.

One last thing you want to make sure you do when you use the oh crap potty training method is to reward your child every time they use the potty. If you do not feel like rewarding your little one, just give them some praise or a pat on the back. No need to get into the fancy rewards like stickers, play dough, or even plush toys. A simple hug and a smile are more than enough to do the trick.

The last thing that I want to talk about is to make sure you don’t wait too long between each block. I say this because if you wait too long, your child may realize that they have to go to the potty before their Block 2 arrives. This can lead to frustration and even yelling. As a parent, I know that I would never leave my child crying in bed because of something I did wrong. I learned my lesson! Wait a few minutes between each potty visit and your child will thank you.

So there you have it! If you are using this Oh Crappies Potty Training Method, I know that accidents will decrease dramatically. Your child will get better at placing their potty there themselves and you won’t have to scold them as often. Good luck!


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