How to Spot a Child Lying About Molestation

How to Spot a Child Lying About Molestation is something that everyone should be able to do. Sadly, molestation goes on all the time in the world, and there are some things that are much harder to pinpoint when a child is telling the truth.


However, with enough evidence, anyone can put a name to the child lying about abuse. When there is doubt, follow through with the suspicions that you have. Do not be afraid to confront your child’s abuser if you have any doubts. This is one of the first steps that should be taken if a child is ever abused.


If you find out that your child is being lied about, do not allow it to go unanswered. The longer a lie goes, the more damaging it can be to the child. One lie only leads to another. Take action as soon as you can to stop this cycle of lying.

Do not think that your child will understand what you are trying to do, but they will. If they are not receiving the love and support that they deserve from their parents, they will pick up on the lies and think that it is okay.

If you have suspicions about your child lying, look for certain signs. You will know if your child is being dishonest if he or she seems to be avoiding answering any questions that you ask. They may also seem to try and hide certain information from you or say things that you do not want to hear. It is important to speak up for yourself and make sure that the child is not getting a distorted version of the truth.

Cheaters always lie about some things. Children are no different. If you are going to try and catch a child lying, the easiest way is to simply ask questions that relate to the subject matter. If your child is trying to cover their tracks with lies, then you will know exactly what to look for.

The second sign to look for when a child is lying about molestation is behavioral changes. They may begin to act in a strange way and really act as if they are not happy about something. They may become more distant and seem to not care about things. They might even seem like they are not interested in anything at all. There are many children who just want to run away from the situation, so if they suddenly seem very interested in the subject, they are probably lying.

Another good sign that a child is being untruthful is the change in their behavior when you ask them a question about something. If a child is being deceitful, they will usually stop talking right away.

If you ask them a question, and they answer truthfully, they will become uncomfortable and will attempt to change the topic. If a child is lying about molestation, they will either not answer the question truthfully, or they will answer without fully understanding the question or situation.

One of the most incredible signs of a child lying about molestation is when they will not admit to anything at all. When you ask them a question, and they say no way, they can’t answer it because they don’t know what to say.

They are likely to lie to protect their brother or sister, or they are totally innocent. When a child is completely honest about molestation, there are few people who can believe them, so you have to be very careful.

The best way to catch your child in a lie is to simply ask them straight out. Tell them you’re going to check it out on the computer and we should go over this. When your child realizes that they can’t tell you the truth, they are likely to be truthful about molestation.

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