Potty Training, Breastfeeding And Baby Led Weaning: How New Mommies Can Easily Deal With These 3 Major Challenges!

Are you a new mommy struggling with breastfeeding, baby led weaning and or potty training? Do you to know how to breastfeed in public, without putting much pressure on yourself? Do you want to know how to do baby led weaning? What about potty training your boy, do you want to learn how to properly do it? 


If one or more of the questions mentioned above relate to you in some way or another, please make yourself home. You have just found the perfect place to get a satisfying answer to all those questions. 

Whether you have just given birth or have already had that little angel for a while now, breastfeeding is something you should get yourself knowledgeable about. 

A little while back, many people would view breastfeeding is something not that good, and they would instead feed their children milk they don’t where it has come from. That’s a catastrophe. The only milk that’s suited for babies is their mother’s milk. Everything else is to be a NO NO! 

That’s’ the first challenge new parents encounter. I am not talking about men here. This section will be addressed  to no one else but you LADIES. 

Let’s start with some of the best benefits breastfeeding have for both you and your little angel. 

Benefits Of Breastfeeding:

Breast Milk Is All Your Baby Needs:

Your milk is all you baby needs to go into a gentleman or a lovely lady. As you and me and any other human being, your baby is need of a set of nutrients and vitamins to properly function. 

These include protein, fats and vitamins. Of course your baby can’t get these from veggies, meat and stuff we adult voraciously consume. Thus the best way to get all to him or her all those nutrients, all you are required to do is simply stick your nipple to his or her mouth and let them do their magic. 

Your baby will not only grow exponentially,  but also will very thank your feeding him from your breast, rather than just giving him or her junk that can’t do nothing to his health but destroy it. The best of all is that breast milk is easily digested. Your baby will have no hard work getting them digested. 

Breast Milk Is Super Protective Of Your Kiddo’s Body: 

Breast milk is proven to be no only a goldmine of all the nutrients your little kiddo needs to grow into a little man, but also has got so many other stuff in there. 

The milk in your bread is packed up with antibodies. 

But what are these? These are what makes the little man’s body fight viruses and bacteria with all its might! Studies have proven that babies who are breastfed for a period of six months, without any intervention of chemicals, are more capable of fighting many illnesses, including asthma, allergies, and other infections,  like diarrhea and infections at the ear level

So if you complain about going to the doctor every now and then, chances are that’s because of the milk you feed your little baby. Breastfeed him or her, instead and you will never see your doctor, or at least on while. 

Breastfeeding Will Make Your Kid More Intelligent: 

This one will just blow your mind. What if I tell you that breastfeeding is proven to have a correlation with IQ level? That’s true and you can see here yourself. So if your child is not doing quite well at school, there is  a huge chance of that being linked to the milk he or she had been fed. 

Breastfeeding Will Make Your Baby Feel More Confident Growing Up: 

Baby need security. They need to feel secure and loved. These are two of the main things you need to provide your kiddo with,  in his or her early years. 

What’s in there better than being surrounded with his mummies flesh from every side? When you have direct eye contact with your baby and have your skin rubbed against his or hers, he or she grows to feel they are loved and secured. 

Kids when they are offered security and love are more likely to grow into confident human beings. Please don’t deprive your kid of this experience. It is one of its ind. No one would like to grow without having it. 

Breastfeeding Will Make Your Kid’s Weight Normal: 

I am sure you yourself have noticed that again and again. Not only adults are getting way overweight nowadays. Kids or even babies are also in the same track. 

What in your opinion is the primary cause of this? I am sure there are many, but our eating habits are never to be ignored as a primary cause behind this. So, if you want your babes to have the perfect and healthy weight, don’t feed them crap. Get them to soak up that magical drink out of your breast. You will never again worry about them getting overweight! 

Breastfeeding Will Prevent Your Baby From Getting Many Diseases: 

And off to the last one. This one will make you breastfeed your kiddo even if you don’t feel like doing it. 

Studies prove that breastfeeding is linked to a lower rate of  SIDS or what’s called sudden infant death syndrome. Not only this, but breast milk lowers the risk of kids getting diabetes and a variety of other cancer types! 

See? Breastfeeding is something to take seriously dear mommy! 

Those mentioned above are benefits the baby can get out of breastfeeding. 

The surprising fact is the not only the baby can get juicy benefits out of breastfeeding, but you as well. 

Breastfeeding Will Make You Get Slim: 

I know pregnancy weight is something so many ladies are struggling with. I know you hate that. 

That’s why I’ve put it as the number one health benefits you will get breastfeeding your baby. Breastfeeding helps your body burn more calories than the norm. And of course you know what’s next. By skyrocketing your caloric expenditure, the extra weight hanging to your sexy tummy will not help but melt away like crazy. 

Breastfeeding Lowers Your Risk Of Getting Cancer: 

The second benefits of breastfeeding is that it helps you lower your risk of getting two of the most destructive cancer types a lady could ever have. The ovarian and the breast cancer. 

These are every woman out there is afraid of.  The next time you feel fear of those creeping in and invading every part of your body, take a deep breath and simply repeat. I am not afraid.  I am breastfeeding; I am breastfeeding! 

Those are two health benefits you can get out of breastfeeding. Hope that convinces you enough to get into this amazing habit rather than spend hundreds of dollars in milk that does nothing else to kid but ruin every cell of his or her body. 

A hopefully, you start to appreciate breastfeeding. Now, here is one thing else many ladies struggle with, BREASTFEEDING IN PUBLIC!  

Here are some tips that can help you deal with and get over the uneasiness you feel breastfeeding in public. 

Tips For Breastfeeding In Public: 

Don’t Ever Feel Like You Are Doing Something Shameful: 

Please do you know that this is not a shame at all. That’s normal and the people around, at one point in life, were all being breastfed. There is nothing to be ashamed of. And even in the constitution, you have all the rights to do breastfeeding in public. That’s your right and you should never get uneasy doing it. 

Practice At Home To Shine In Public: 

Practice beforehand. For many new moms, the issue is not really to breastfeed in public. The issue for them is lack of practice. 

They just don’t know how to do it. The advice for you dear new momies would be simply to practice your craft at home. There is nothing wrong about that. No one is born expert. So before facing the world with your breasts, make sure you give that a good couple of days at home. This will make the situation less scary. 

Wear Nursing Tank-top: 

Another thing that helps a lot with breastfeeding wearing something that’s easy to work with. I know in many cases, you don’t have that so much control over your clothes, especially in winter. In winter, you are forced to wear something warm. This will make it hard for your to even reach your breasts, let alone get them exposed to the cold. In summer though, the story is totally different. One thing that helps a lot with breastfeeding weather in winter or summer is to have the nursing tank-top, under you clothes. These have built in bras. This simple tweak will make it way more easier for your to breastfeed your baby. Try it out and see yourself

What About Your Backseat? 

Let’s face it! Not all women have the confidence to breastfeed in a very crowded place. If you are one of those, no need to worry. Have your car parked and when you don’t find privacy, shoot for your car backseat! 

Many women, when they couldn’t breastfeed under the gaze of the public, retreat to the bathroom or the toilet. That’s a no no mummy. 

Don’t ever dare to have your kid breasyfed in a nasty place. The best way when you feel like all the eyes are on you is to simply go to your backseat and enjoy the solitude. 

Stay Calm

Easy Said Than Done. I know. Nervousness is what will get in your way when you want to breastfeed your baby. I know this feeling of feeling like all the eyes are on you, the shaky hands, the sweaty palms and all those weird behaviours your body turn into when you get embarrased. The best way to lower this anxiety a little bit is to simply take deep breaths, your eyes on your baby rather than on the passersby, and of course if people look at you smile back. Most of the time, they are looking because they find the sight so cute, not because they see what you do as something weird. 

Those are some breastfeeding tips that may help you along the way. Just remember that you are not the first or the last to get into breastfeeding. Since Everyone is doing it, why would you be shy about it?! 

That’s the first challenge of new moms. Let’s explore another thing that many newly married couple experience when their first love fruit comes into existence

Baby Led Weaning 

Before getting into some helpful tips that can assist you with on how to do baby led weaning, there are a couple of things you need to jot down first. 

What is baby led weaning to begin with? 

The first to use this term were Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett. In their book Baby-Led Weaning: The Essential Guide to Introducing Solid Foods, they introduced this term as a good replacement of the purée. The authors encourage parents to let their babies feed themselves solid finger foods rather getting spoonfed. The infant is encouraged to not only get sit to the table with the whole family, but also pick what they want to eat! Overall, they are encouraged to decide when to eat and when to stop. 

When Is The Baby Allowed To Do Baby Led Weaning? 

The arguments around this vary. But experts see that the led weaning has to be delayed at least until the kid is about 12 months in age. There are those who you can led wean your baby half that age. To make lower the confusion here, go for led weaning when your baby show signs of readiness. 

Here are a couple of them: 

  • The baby shows willingness to chew
  • The baby can easily sit up without any help or support
  • Or when you see that baby is showing interest to get with the family in the same table. 

Those are three signs that can help you decide when’s the best time to do baby led weaning. 

Let’s now move one to some of the benefits of led weaning: 

Benefits Of Baby Led Weaning: 

They Love The Food Even More: 

By giving the baby the freedom to choose food they like, they end up loving food even more. So, you will never worry again about forcing them to get a bite or two every now and then. They know what they love and they know when to have it. What else to worry about?! 

It Is Time Friendly: 

BLW is really easy and it saves you hours of trying to spoonfeed your baby. The time you’re with that can be of great asset to you. You can easy use to take care of yourself or simply give yourself a little bit of rest. Or one thing else. You can have your meal while your kiddo is busy eating!

You Teach Your Baby Self-reliance

Self reliance is a muscle that has to be worked out at an early age. By giving your kiddo the the freedom to pick up what they like, do what they want with it and even eat it or leave it, you teach your kiddo to rely on themselves. 

All of that is good, but what foods should I give my kiddo? 

There is a variety of foods you can choose from, when it comes to BLW. Here is a list of foods you can choose from: 

  • Banana
  • Soft cooked apples
  • Avocados
  • Pumpkin
  • Egg yolk
  • Liver
  • Softly cooked Carrots
  • Softly cooked zucchini
  • Softly cooked Green beans
  • Poultry or meat 

There you have it ladies. That’s a list of some of the best foods you can choose from and let your little creature led wean. 

How To Potty Train Your Boy:

And off to the third challenging thing that so many new moms go through. POTTY TRAINING! 

Potty training is one of the most important lessons for the growth and development of any kid. This is not an easy task but you can get a good outcome if you follow certain tips. 

It is very important to know exactly how to potty train a boy. It requires a lot of time as well as patience on your part. You have to motivate and co-operate with your son. The key to a successful potty training is your cooperation, encouragement and patience. 

You need to decide when to start it based on when your son is ready for it. Before starting,  make sure that your son will be able to understand and learn it properly. No matter how early you start this training, the process is likely to take a long time.

Boys are a little hard to deal with when it comes to potty training. Unlike girls, boys require much more effort and patience.

Here are some tips that can help you better potty train your boy. 

Make Your Child Comfortable With The Potty

At first, it is very crucial to help your child get comfortable with the potty. He has to get used to the idea of having his poop in a little toilet rather than on a diaper.

Let him know that the potty is his own. You can encourage him too by writing his name on it to make it more personalized. You can also decorate it with stickers to make it look even more attractive. 

All these will make him comfortable and he will be tempted to use it. Do not put so much pressure on the child at first. 

And you may already know, children tend to follow the elders and grownups. So, you can even tell them that the grownups use a potty too. This will encourage him and make him feel more comfortable.

Set Up A Training Schedule

One of the most essential parts of potty training boys is to have a training schedule. You need to get your toddler out of the diaper, based on a particular schedule. It can be in the morning,  after waking up or even after having the breakfast. 

This needs a lot of patience. You have to make the schedule based on his convenience. Every day, you need to follow that schedule. This way, he will learn that after the breakfast or after waking up, he has to go and sit on his potty. 

Get Your Child A Good Potty 

You have to buy the best potty training equipment for your son. Experts say that a child-size potty is more effective for the toddler in potty training, than the full-size toilet. But while buying a toddler potty, make sure that you buy a comfortable one, perfect for his height. 

The child should be able to sit comfortably, leaning slightly forward and his feet must touch the ground. 

This will make him feel more secure and he can enjoy the potty training thoroughly. 

Uncomfortable potty or full-size toilet can cause anxiety of falling down. Thus, it can badly affect the potty training of your son. 

There you have mommies. Those are some of the best potty training tips to get your boy more comfortable with the potty. Use those, invent others and you will have no problem potty train your boy.


To sum up, raising a kid is really a pain in the back for so many women. It can be frustrating, time and effort consuming. But it is fun. Those moments are the best you will recall when they grow up. See that box below? Let us know what are challenges you beautiful mommies go through, raising kids? 

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