What Is Swaddling and Should You Swaddle Your Baby?

Swaddling is an often-overlooked component of baby care. Some parents do not think that swaddling is necessary and that they can “go along with the flow” when it comes to swaddling. Swaddling is not required for your baby, but many doctors and swaddlers encourage it because it is so easy on the baby and helps to promote a secure environment. Swaddling is not always comfortable and in the past, it was often called “babyish”. Swaddling has its benefits and can really make a difference in your infant’s development and sleep patterns. Here are the basics of how you should baby around when you baby is swaddled.


A swaddle is simply a thin, blankets-like blanket utilized to wrap newborn babies in, they don’t wiggle and instead, are designed to keep the infant warm and in the womb. Swaddling dates back to the Egyptians and was used to keep babies calm, protected, and comfortable, during long periods in labor and childbirth. In the United States, swaddling is not a commonly used method of infant care, but many families have been relying on it for years because it is so convenient.

  • Why Swaddle?

Swaddling provides a low-level of comfort that allows the infant to focus on the big moments – mother’s breath, feeding, rocking, etc. – without stress or pain. Swaddling also allows for independent and natural development of body muscles. Swaddling is safe and often recommended for premature babies who are at risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

  • How Do I Use a Swaddle?

Using a swaddle blanket is easy and can be done with one hand, making this a convenient position for both mother and child. Place the swaddled baby on mom’s right arm and hold onto the baby gently with the left hand. The blanket should be tight enough that the baby’s shoulders cannot stretch to their fullest, but loose enough to allow the child to move his arms and legs. If you are using a fitted blanket, have it snugged against the skin but not tight so that the skin of the shoulder can slip around the grip.

  • What Is A Safe Swaddling Techniques?

Research has shown that the best way to start swaddling a newborn is with a blanket that is not too thick. Babies can feel very cold and uncomfortable in thick blankets and can suffocate if they are positioned in a tight space for a long period of time. The blanket should be firm yet pliable. Having a swaddle that fits tightly around the chest and shoulders can result in discomfort and difficulty breathing as the baby tries to breathe in.

  • What Is A Good Time To Swaddle?

Babies can be safely swaddled from birth through the first three months of life. It is not necessary to wrap the baby in a blanket until he is about six weeks old, or when he is sitting upright. The majority of babies can be swaddled from the start of their life, through the first three months of life, until the age of three months.

  • Why Use Different Swaddles?

There are many different swaddling methods, and each has its pros and cons. The safest method is always the swaddled baby, but there are many different styles that can be used in different situations. Mothers should learn how to stop swaddling their newborn by using the one that feels most comfortable.

  • How Do Swaddlers Work?

There are many different swaddling methods, such as: heavy blankets, wraps, suits, etc. But, there is only one product on the market that is safe and effective for all newborns – the Safe Swaddle System. This system uses the latest in swaddling technology and is designed to provide a snug, comfortable, secure fit while still allowing free movement. This new design offers a more natural swaddling to comfort than many of the other products currently on the market.


  • How Many Receiving Blankets Do I Need?

Swaddling, or baby wrapping, is one method of infant care that some new parents are uncomfortable with. Although it is one of the most frequently used infant care methods, some new parents are concerned about the safety of this method of infant care.

  • Is Swaddling Safe?

The safest way to swaddle a baby is through the use of a fitted blanket, which is made from a fitted or loosely fitting piece of fabric, is wrapped around the torso of the baby.

Experts recommend swaddling baby at an appropriate level for optimum growth; babies who are not yet weaned should be wrapped from waist to shoulders, while those nearing weaning should be wrapped from hip to shoulder. Fitted blankets are often made from acrylic, fleece, or wool.

Some people feel that certain fabrics encourage certain reactions in babies, and they may want to avoid certain blankets, or choose a different type of swaddle for their baby.

Babies are extremely sensitive to physical contact, especially when they are new. If there is any possibility that your newborn might be allergic to a particular fabric, you should remove him from the situation and alert the childcare provider.

While he is away, swaddle him in a loose blanket, or place a lightweight towel over his bottom to ensure he is not wrapped up too tightly. If your baby is being swaddled without a fitted blanket, the healthcare provider can place a blanket, swaddle, or a soft towel over his bottom before removing him from the swaddle.

  • Swaddlers Come In a Wide Variety of Materials

Traditional swaddle blankets made from a combination of cotton and polyester are available. However, synthetic fabrics have become less expensive, and swaddle blankets made from microfiber are starting to appear. Babies generally enjoy the feel of swaddled fabric, but it’s important for the caregiver to be aware of the comfort issues associated with swaddled blankets. These fabrics will generally feel stiffer than a swaddle blanket made of 100% cotton or other pure, natural fibers, and baby may even be more likely to kick or turn.

  • Swaddle Your Baby next to Your while Nursing

Mothers and fathers who are swaddled often find themselves taking the baby into another room to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is a completely natural thing for babies. Swaddling may interfere with the natural flow of milk from the mother’s breasts, which may lead to the baby being unable to nurse. To minimize this problem, it may be helpful to keep two extra sets of breasts on hand. Baby can also be swaddled next to the mother while she nurses; the added warmth will help the baby feel more secure while nursing.

Swaddled babies are not only uncomfortable for the child, but they can also be unkind to the caregiver. While a swaddle blanket can provide warmth and a place to lay down, it doesn’t always offer an easy surface to support the child’s head.

Swaddled babies can often be hurt by the weight of their parent’s arms, which makes it necessary for every baby to have a designated place to sit, either on the mom’s lap or on a small swaddle chair. This can be as much as four feet away from the mom! The best swaddler for the particular baby and family will have the ability to move with the baby, but also will have a soft cushioning for the baby’s head that won’t interfere with the quality of the parent’s expression.

  • Consider Hiring  a Babysitter or Nanny

Swaddled babies require the assistance of a babysitter or nanny to get them to sleep. While the swaddler can help, there are certain times when a baby just needs the gentle touch of someone else.

Babylists can put a swaddle on either arm so the baby can relax both arms and also have their head positioned on one side while they are asleep. Babysitting services will understand if a baby just needs a little extra attention during the day and will let the parent know they can look after their little one while they are at work.

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Babysitting services can also provide Swaddle Pillow Covers for those nights when the baby needs a rest. Swaddle Pillows can be purchased for a low price or they can be made to your specific measurements. Your Babylist can create a swaddle pillow just for you or they can make several of them to fit your babies specific dimensions.

These custom made Swaddle Pillows can be used as sheets to cover a mattress or to cuddle up next to the bed or on the floor. Custom Swaddle Pillows is a wonderful way to encourage coziness and comfort for babies while they sleep. They can add a special touch to your nursery or even give you something to brag about to other friends and family!


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