Everything You Need To Know About Eyeliner

What Does Eyeliner Do For Your Eyes?

If you are a daily wearer of makeup, like most people, then you have probably asked yourself, “What does eyeliner do for my eyes?” If you have been wearing makeup for years, then you have more than likely spent countless dollars on different brands and types. No matter which type or brand of eyeliner you are using, whether it is water-based or oil-based, you are probably wondering why you are not seeing the same results that you did when you were young. Eyeliner is one of those products that, when used correctly, can really give you the eye shadow effect you have always wanted.



When you are applying eyeliner to your eyes, the main thing you want to do is to create a smooth, even line from top to bottom. To achieve this, use a white or off-white eyeliner brush and apply it along your crease line just as you would if you were going to put on eyeliner for the first time. The trick to keeping an even application is to apply the color as evenly as possible to the entire lid area. Also, do not forget to apply the color to your lower lashes and also to any areas that will show through your dark colored eyelids.

It is important to wash your face thoroughly before applying your eyeliner. Using a cleanser that is designed specifically for the eyes is advisable so that your skin can breathe and prevent irritation. Using a cotton swab, cleanse your eyelids and then dab the eyeliner onto your open eye for best results. Avoid using too much pressure when trying to apply your eyeliner, especially if you are newer to the art.

Eyeliner For Different Eye Shapes – Make Eye Shapes Stands Out

Eyeliner for big eyes can be very tricky to do. If you have small eyes and your eyelids are arched, then you need to pull the bottom eyelid taunt before applying the liner to make the look more natural. Otherwise, you will appear like you are trying to pull the eye lashes with your hand, which is not an attractive look. You can also experiment by applying a thin line of dark colored eyeliner along the arch of the eye and defining it with a darker color on the inner corner of the eye.


Apply eyeliner for big eyes to the upper part of the lid and blend the brush in using a circular motion until the area is blended. Eyeliner for big eyes looks good on all types of face including round, oval and heart-shaped faces. It is usually applied on top of lower lash line to define it. If you have narrow eyes or narrow chin, then you can use eyebrow pencils instead of eyeliner. The trick is to make thin lines to appear thicker.

Apply eyeliner for different eye shapes to the lower part of the lid. If your eyes are oval-shaped and yours are hooded, then you can add some thickness to your eye area using a brush. To give a gentle look, try using a black pencil. Apply the color on the inner part of the brow bone and blend well. You can also try using a brown pencil to draw a line that defines your eyebrows.

When you use eyeliner for big eyes, your eyes appear wider and brighter. For this type of look, use light colored eyeshadow along the lash line. Apply some light colored mascara to define the upper part of your eyelid and the area below it. To enhance the upper eyelid, add some volume to the bottom part of the winged eyeliner. Apply a bit of a translucent cream blush to give your eyes a warm glow.

Waterline: For waterline, you can add some bluish tinted eye pencil or gel. It gives an illusion of a wider area. The best thing about waterline is that if you don’t like the looks of waterline, then you can always apply some liner. Apply liner on the upper part of your eyelids and blend well.

Monolid Eyes: If your eyes are monoxide (not having any eyelashes), then use dark colored eyeliners. For moonlit eyes, always remember to go for a natural look. Apply a dark color at the upper lashes and blend well. For lower lash line, use a lighter shade and sharpen your eye. To make your eyes look bright and vibrant, add some blue eyeliner.

Long/Rounded Eyes: Long and round eyes can be enhanced by some simple eye makeup tips. Start by defining the eye’s shape. Then use an eye shadow brush to extend your lashes and define the outline of your eye. Try adding some mascara along with this eye makeup tip. Finally, use a dark eyeliner brush to define the upper and lower lashes of your long-round eyes.

When applying eyeliner for different eye shapes, remember to choose colors that will suit your particular eye shape. Always remember to use a primer before applying eyeliner. Primer helps in adding definition to your eyelashes. Also apply a second coat of primer before putting on the eyeliner. And finally, always use a good quality eyeliner from your favorite cosmetic manufacturer.

Short/ Oval Eyes: Apply a light shade of eyeliner to your lower lash line and blend it using your pointer finger. The light shade blends well along your upper eyelash line. This will enhance your eye’s natural shape and helps in making your eyes look smaller.

* If you have an almond eyes, use an eyeliner brush to draw a thin line inside the top part of your eye. Now create a wide ring at the outer corner of your eye and then blend the inside of the ring with the outside part of your eye. For a dramatic look, add some blusher to your thin line. Blush adds extra emphasis to your eyelashes. When applying eyeliner for different eye shapes, remember to use the same brush stroke for each color.

* For your elongated and round eyes, apply eyeliner along the entire length of your eyelid. To make your eyes look shorter, create a wider lower lash line outside your eye and blend the inner and outer corners. To make your eyes appear larger, draw some harsh lines inside your eye on the top and bottom. Apply a light shade of eyeliner to your upper lid and blend it using your ring finger. Now add some blusher on the upper lid and blend it using your ring finger.

Useful Tips To Make Applying Eyeliner For Big Eyes Easy And Effective

By utilizing the tips of different eyeliner for big eyes, you are able to enhance your appearance and create a more dramatic look. You can make your eyes appear larger by applying the tips of different eyeliner for big eyes around the waterline. In the waterline of the eyes, apply flesh or white colored eyeliner to the inner part of your eye, from the waterline to the brow. Select different shade of eyeliner along the upper lash line also.


You must have noticed that your eye shadow is not very thick or consistent across the lid area. This is because of the thin lines that occur in the inner corner of the eyes. To create the illusion of thicker eyelashes, apply the eyeliner for big eyes in the inner corner of the eye and blend well. Once you are done blending, always start from the outer corner of your eye and blend outward. Also try to create a natural extension of your lashes by creating a thin line inside the eye. You can create an illusion of thicker and fuller eyelashes if you apply the eyeliner for big eyes at the inner corner.

The tips mentioned above will help you get the right look when you use eyeliner for big eyes as a part of your makeup routine. If you do not have enough time to apply all the tips mentioned above, it is good to know that you can still look beautiful without heavy makeup and false eyelashes. Just use sheer and light liquid eyeliner to your eyes and let them become visible. Stay away from pencils as they can sometimes create a mess on your lids and smudge while you are trying to remove it. When trying to line the entire eye, you need to be careful with your movements and avoid drawing circles. Your goal is to make your eyelids appear less lined and to create a smooth finish.

Using Winged Eyeliner For Round Eyes

If you have larger than normal eyes, then you will want to try out a nice product that can help you create the look that you want with winged eyeliner for round eyes. You will want to first make sure that you are taking care of your eyelids before you go ahead and apply this type of look to them. It is best to apply an eye liner first to outline the area where you will be applying this type of eyeliner. After that you will want to take a beauty spray and apply it to the lower part of your eyelids. This will allow you to create the look that you want.

There are a couple of different looks that you can create with the winged liner for round eyes. One of the looks is when you are applying it to your lower and outer corners of your eyes. To create this look, you will want to use an eyeshadow brush and draw a line along the bottom of your eye to define the outside of your eye. Then you will want to use a medium color, such as a darker brown or green in your inner corners of your eyes and apply that line to your lower and outer corners. This will create a nice even look to your eyes.

Another great look that you can create is when you are creating a more drastic change from your natural eye shape. To do this you will want to draw a line down the sides of your eye and blend it in using a brush. Next you will want to line the insides of your eye and fill in any gaps that exist by using a darker colored eye shadow. When you are looking to apply the winged liner for round eyes, you will want to remember to keep everything as neat as possible. Make sure that you are applying your eye shadow in a clean line so that it will stay on and not smudge.

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